University of Nigeria Nsukka graduands of Pharmacy have decried over the long stay at home without being inducted into the council that regulates their profession. They described the situation in which they have found themselves as disheartening and depressing. Though an interaction with PCN official revealed that reaccreditation for UNN Pharmacy may come 22nd to 26th July 2018.

In a chat with Nigerian Medicals (NM) one of the graduands when asked what could be the reason for the delay said pharmacology laboratory got burnt down early in 2017.

According to her, “Since the laboratory got burnt, the faculty and school suspect it might not be an accident but a deliberate act by some students.

The school investigated the matter, even queried some professors (including the dean) but all the investigations conducted could not substantiate their suspicion.”

She also stated that UNN pharmacy currently has a new gigantic building for Pharmacy with laboratories which was commissioned last year, even though the pharmacology lab and some other labs are yet to be fully equipped.

“The dean, in a tone that shows grievance against the current graduands for all that happened, said the reaccreditation exercise will hold June or July. By this time the dean’s tenure would have expired and protocols in transition of administration may even linger the reaccreditation exercise.

This reaccreditation exercise was initially supposed to hold sometime in December last year”, final year student added.

Another student added that if the accreditation fails to hold as presumed, then it will affect the graduands in the area of internship.

“I would like to inform you that we finished our exams as at September last year, and quite a number of schools that finished later than us (DELSU, NAU, UNIPORT, UNIUYO etc) has done induction, even as at last year and this year too. If the plan of having accreditation as our dean said does come true, it will be seen as spending six(6) years in school in place of five (5)years. Even as it is now, we have lost tons of internship opportunities which should have been available for our sets.

“Few of us who are privileged to have locum jobs are being paid peanuts, just because we do not have our licenses.”

When asked about a rumour going on in the school that a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), by name Barr. UG has threatened to sue the faculty over an alleged increase of induction fee from N20,000 to N75,000, and some other crimes Barr. UG claimed to have been investigating, the graduand said:

“Like you said, they are all rumours. It has not been verified. Even though rumours are usually true in the university setting, I cannot ascertain this right now. My class wrote to the faculty to inquire about this issue two weeks ago, and they are yet to reply us, even though it’s taken so much time. The flow of information between us and the faculty is not at its best. They kept us in the dark, but we have our plans. The time is ticking, and if nothing is done by the time we have in mind, we would have no other option than to do what we have to do, what we should have done a long while ago.

As to a SAN threatening to sue the faculty, I don’t know much about it. It could be real, the protracted delay is actually attracting a lot of interest from the private public. He would have high chance of winning the case if it is true. The school has never won a case against any student or any group the much I know of. The SAN may have substantial evidence and facts that he may use to sue the faculty successfully, I do not know. We however do not pray that things will come to that as it may further prolong the time of our induction. I and my colleagues just want to get inducted, nothing more, nothing less. From every indication, I feel the faculty has been trying their best, just that lots of my colleagues feel the faculty’s best is not good enough. We hope to get inducted this month or next at most.

Nigerian Medical had a chat with the Dean of faculty of pharmaceutical science, UNN, Prof. Chukunweike Onunkwo. The dean said laboratory facilities and buildings are the reason why the graduands of pharmacy, University of Nigeria have not been inducted.
In his words:

“We are fixing the laboratory, there are other laboratories that were moved because of the new building for Pharmaceutical science. The PCN instructed that the new building must be fully equipped and furnished before the induction can be done hence the school had to suspend inducting and graduating the student until the laboratories are properly and rightly fixed.”

Speaking further, Prof. Onunkwo said that when the buildings are completed and furnished the PCN will come for inspection and once they are satisfied with what they see, they will give a directive for the induction to take place.

“The PCN will come on 22rd of July for inspection and if they are OK that we have successfully done the needful then the induction will take place in August,” he said.

He urged the students to be patient and relax because they are working tirelessly to see that the works are completed on time for inspection.
He also said that contract for the furnishing of the laboratories has been awarded and measurements have been taken for the furnishing.

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