Move over, slim men! When it comes to sex, a new research has given the prize for ultimate performance to obese men!

In fact, despite the numerous disadvantages that being obese confers on anyone, a new research suggests that men with excess fat around their stomachs actually have more stamina in the bedroom!

In a recent study, obese men were found to last for around one minute and 30 seconds longer than their slimmer peers.

Scientists at Erciyes University in Turkey, in a study entitled, ‘Insight on pathogenesis of lifelong premature ejaculation,’ suggest that there is a correlation between a man’s physical size and his endurance during sex.

The researchers note that overweight men have a heightened level of estradiol — a female sex hormone which inhibits the male orgasm and therefore enables the fat man to push on a little bit longer.

In an ironic twist, the researchers also found that slim men are more likely to suffer from lifelong premature ejaculation. Oops!

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