The advent of Doctor of Pharmacy which allows the pharmacists to move from being drug oriented to patient oriented, Have left many confused as to how this new title will be used if only or should it be inserted into the pharmacist title.

This is highlighted in the confusion where most pharmacists choose to be addressed as Dr. Without any insertion of the initial title used or title which the Pharmacist in Nigeria are known for.

Doctor is an academic title that originates from Latin word of the same spelling and meaning. Contracted Dr. or Dr. It is used as designation for person who has obtained a Doctorate (eg PhD).

In some European countries .Such as Italy and Portugal doctor is the title given to all or most degree holder, the title is used for lawyers in South America.

From 1858 the medical act made it illegal for anyone not qualified in medicine to use the title in English speaking countries this lasted till this lasted till 1912.

Pharmacist first used the title Dr. in 1920, in Nigeria Pharmacist have had the long tradition of being addressed with the title Pharm but the advent of Pharm D. Have seen a good number of pharmacist dish their Pharm title for Dr. titles.

Pharmacists who choose to use only Dr. title insists that the title isn’t exclusive to any profession citing that the un -diluted meaning of doctor is EXPERT? Or Authority in a field of qualification and using Pharm Dr. sound inappropriate as Physicians are not called Physician-Doctor or Medical Doctor John? They also insists that it is like telling lawyers, engineers, academia, pastors, who go by the title Dr. to drop their own.
I am not inclined to titles or what have you but I also wouldn’t fail to acknowledge the fact that a university, and not a market or some personal opinion gave folks the written mandate to bear whatever title they deem fit. So telling some someone to drop the title they worked to earn seems in appropriate one of them said.

But looking at the bigger picture When the public hear the word “Dr.” all that comes to mind is a medical doctor, so when you say you are a pharmacist and you address yourself as Dr, you are confusing the already confused public it is also alarming the way pharmacist are dropping the Pharm. Title after getting their Pharm. D certificate.

Even the directors can give you query if you call them “Pharm. Dr”. It is always nice to take a step at a time… You work with the realities of where you are, and gradually move to where you are headed towards. To be Dr isn’t a problem, the problem arises when Nigerians don’t know whether it’s Dr of Carpentry or Professor of Panel-beating that’s addressing them. Assumptions in this part of the world are very detrimental

So iam not saying you should drop your Dr. title, but you are first a Pharmacist and as such you should be proud of that and you shouldn’t have any problem being addressed as “Pharm. Dr.” but then if you prefer to be addressed as “Dr. ” without the “Pharm.” then one can only imagine because it is like throwing away a part of your profession….

We just need to be proud of ourselves and the profession as Pharmacist. title “Pharm” is more rewarding, Let’s lay more emphasis on standardization of our practice, enlighten the people on whom a Pharmacist is before jumping-in with both legs.


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